superusers assemble!

December 19th, 2008

Greetings, true believers! (Good lord I hope that isn’t copyrighted) For a few months Help/Systems had been pushing the concept of the “Superuser,” which is a user role for one of our products, SEQUEL ViewPoint. We already had a magazine ad establishing the superhero team concept, each hero representing different things you could do with ViewPoint. The time was right to take the concept further. In my mind, there was only one direction to go, and that direction was the legendary Avengers #4.

With the help of local illustrator Betsy Leplatt, I set out to make Stan Lee and Jack Kirby proud. After all, what good are iconic comic covers if they can’t be parodied with B2B direct mail pieces? Betsy drew the characters in pitch-perfect Kirby style, and I layed it all out and did a lot of hand-lettering, including the actual “SuperUsers” title and the “Do you have what it takes…” sub-head.

An homage Silver Age comics

Even the “Comics Code” stamp in the top right corner is parodied, reading “Approved for the IBM System i” (the system ViewPoint runs on) instead. A lot of love went into this, and I really hope our customers appreciated it.

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