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bsmalls is live

August 31st, 2009

That’s right. OMG. The day hath finally come. The new is finally live. It’s finished. Well, actually, it will be finished when I put a hover state on that button…and rewrite that one paragraph…. Aw hell. It’s my personal website, so really, it will never be totally finished. In fact, maybe I should redesign it…. my nontent management system

August 26th, 2009

While supporting my local blogroll, I came across this post:

Nontent: The Scourge of the Internet – Geek Girls Guide

Why ironically post a link to an article about how posting links to other articles is ruining the Internet? First of all, I love a good Internet-related neologism. Secondly, as a new blogger, it made me realize that a lot of the blogs I have been following, and striving to be like, are in fact full of nontent.

read on….