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August 26th, 2009

While supporting my local blogroll, I came across this post:

Nontent: The Scourge of the Internet – Geek Girls Guide

Why ironically post a link to an article about how posting links to other articles is ruining the Internet? First of all, I love a good Internet-related neologism. Secondly, as a new blogger, it made me realize that a lot of the blogs I have been following, and striving to be like, are in fact full of nontent.

What exactly is nontent?

Nontent is the useless crap that seems to be proliferating on the Internet now more than ever. The most maddening example of nontent in the wild are blogs that claim to create content which instead, post lists of links to other blogs (which may themselves be full of lists to other blogs and on and on) or nothing more than one to three sentences of barely-useful commentary. Light on facts. Light on anything useful. But with a damn good title designed to pull in a lot of clicks when it gets tweeted.

Meghan Wilker, Geek Girls Guide

Cheese & Rice, that sounds a lot like the very website you are staring at! Needless to say, I’ve had a bit of a wakeup call.

While this article makes a very good point about the pervasive posting of useless crap across the Web, not all link-infested blogs are pointless.  CSS Beauty is a great example of a blog that is nothing but links, bringing you to the source of the content, not linking to this blog via that blog cited by that blog.  The “Top XX” lists from Web Designer Wall are always well put together and inspirational. The common thread here is that there is someone separating the wheat from the chaff, as the article says, making sure the nontent is at least quality nontent.

And while I make the case for the “middle-man” blog, I also declare that I will never stop in trying to make this digital soapbox of mine at least somewhat entertaining. Efforts will be doubled to bring more actual CONtent to this crazy Wild West theme park known as the World Wide Web.

That is my promise to you, the reader. I use “reader” in the singular, because there is literally only one of you. Hi Mom.

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