AIGA Design Camp 2009: Recap, sort of

October 4th, 2009

Well folks, 3 days of camping, talking, twittering, networking, drinking, learning, mind-expanding, and laughing are regrettably over, and I’ll be nursing my design hangover for days. As for the full coverage I promised in the previous post, the lack of internet access in my hotel room greatly hindered my ability to effectively cover the conference in real time. The room did however have a whirlpool tub, a multi-directional shower, and 1000 square feet, so blogging fell a few spots on my priority list the second I got one of the hot water jets to loosen that knot I had in my back. I hope the blogosphere can forgive me.

Luckily, I took copious notes and random pictures at each keynote speaker and workshop. I will be writing about my experiences this weekend to the best of my recollection, including when DJ Stout said my business card was “cute,” and when I almost asked Ellen Lupton where the bathroom was. (That will make more sense after you read about her awesome keynote.)

I will say this: all in all it was an incredible weekend, and made me realize how important it is to get out there and connect with your fellow designers, and just how wonderful our community can be. The Design Camp committee and volunteers did an excellent job, so kudos to them.

I will be posting recaps as the fog clears. No really, I will.

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