about bsmalls design

bsmalls design is a small design studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 2006, it was originally intended to give a name to my logo-creation side business, but has since grown into something akin to a mad scientist’s laboratory with a wide variety of competencies. (No cloning. Yet.)

stuff I can do

I design websites and user interfaces using standards-based XHTML and CSS. Also, I do print material. It is in fact where I cut my teeth. Not literally. However, one time I cut my tongue making an envelope mock-up. How’s that for commitment?

Minneapolis: City of Lakes and Cool Signs

stuff I can’t do

If you have a project that requires heavy back-end development and really flashy Flash programming, I am probably not the right person for you. However, I do play well with others, so I can certainly be teamed up with someone with those capabilities. Also, huge lengthy projects and very tight deadlines do not work either, me being a very busy one man show. And as long as I’m being honest here, there’s one more thing: I cannot pass Contra on the original Nintendo without the cheat codes.

about me

My name is Brian Smallbeck and by day, I am a graphic designer at a software company called Help/Systems. When I’m not crafting and creating, I’m into art, classic cars, indie music, pop culture, old signs, and color.