August 2009
Help/Systems is known for their customer support in the System i world, and to help retain their high standard, they needed to upgrade their organization software. The Software Development department saw this as the perfect opportunity to test out new methods and platforms for their commercial products, and thus Ascend was born. Built on the Ext-JS framework, the user interface is styled much like a website, using CSS.
Ascend logo

I took some styling cues from the website in order to keep the visual identity unified, or at least linked. I wanted it to be functional, so shadow and reflection were added to give the interface the illusion of depth and subtle hints of style.

Ascend main page

Not only was this a pilot program for software development, it was meant to establish the look and feel of Help/Systems Automated Operations browser-based user interfaces as well. So visually, the “Robot” products will be drawing from Ascend for years to come.

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